Thursday, September 11, 2008


I have decided not to watch the 7pm chinese show tomorrow, lest I smash the tv screen. I should let myself cool down and mug properly, then on tuesday or wednesday I see how she die. You fhucking bitch, I will watch the episode where u die, but not when u get Jiawei u fhucking whorey slut! I will only see the misery of u dying haha to ur face bitch!

Anyway, today I stayed back until like 6pm in band to fix the stupid bass drum skin. OMG The marching bass drum now sounds like a concert bass drum la, shit... And tmr need to play for morning assembly, zzzzzz... What a joke. Hopefully we sound nice, if not it's dam gross la. Basically woodwinds can afk and if trumpets don't come then gg.