Monday, September 01, 2008


Haiz, next year would have World Music Competition 2009. The last time it was held in 2005 and I didn't go, because I was sec 2 and I was like scared or sth. Now I really really really want to go. But there's A levels haiz... Hmm let's see, it's in the last week of july. THINK THINK THINK!

Seriously I dunno whether to go or not. If I go, come back only left 1 month to prelims, and I can't screw prelims lor. And if I go, I dunno if there would be a lot of training or not and whether I can commit since next year is SYF year for VJ Band, + VJ Anniversary + a lot a lot more things. Haiz, I really can't make up my mind ahhh!!! Xian... Really xian... It's like y I so unlucky ar? Everything all cannot go one. Like the Japan trip, clashes with band concert NSSN on 12 december. Then WMC clashes with A level preparation... Argh!!!