Monday, September 01, 2008

I know how to study!!

Yay, I know y on saturday and sunday I couldn't study. It's all because of the computer. I think I used it like 6 hours a day for msn/blog/facebook/forum/play rubbish and read random things on wiki which are so interesting, like the end of the universe or sth liddat.

So today, I offed my com and just sat down to study, and I managed to do quite a bit of work la. Just finished 2007 chem promo paper... Xian so tired now.... It was easy but I ok ok only, haiz... 75.5, somemore I mark so lenient so maybe is like B? Also I've been only studying chem for the last 3 days so still score liddat, by promo time prolly half forget liao... For some reason periodic table cannot get into my head... I'm gonna rest now, so dam tired and washed out after 3 hours of doing chem promo paper...

So ya, I'm going to off the com so that I can study, since my study table is just beside the com, or rather the com is on my study table.